Abu Dhabi Aimed to Provide New School Bus System With Alarms

latest gulf news-Abu Dhabi Aimed to Provide New School Bus System With Alarms-YesGulf

Nearly 2 weeks ago, 600+ buses were added to UAE School run as preparatory measures for the new academic year 2015-16 commencing from Sunday.

Now Abu Dhabi is preparing to welcome the students in school and then leave for homes by means of a safe transport. According to the latest news, ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) has announced to install exclusively novel and smart ‘alarm system’ in school buses as necessary precaution to avert the chances of accidents.

Along with many other safety features, this system is introduced to prevent tragedies like death of 3 year old Nizaha Alaa Ahmed last October.

Key features embedded in the system include:

  • Electronic counting system so as to count the number of pupils as they will board or leave the bus
  • An automated motion detection sensor will set off an alert message in form of beeping alarm notifying that a child is left behind and locked inside the bus.
  • An electronic system that will compel the driver to check bus seats prior to press the button confirming that vehicle is empty.

Dr Amal Al Qubaisi-Director General of ADEC said: “This new world-class system that helps maintain the security and safety of our students, we cannot help but recall the memories our children who had unfortunate accidents during their daily trips to and from schools, during which some of them were injured and two girls passed away…Increasing bus efficiency and the provision of safe and comfortable seats for all students will help reduce traffic congestion and fuel consumption.”

She added, “ADEC would work with Emirates Transport, Abu Dhabi Police, and the Department of Transport to improve the safety of buses…We will not tolerate any school transport accidents as we are keen on ensuring our children’s safety and security.”

ADEC has launched this system in coordination with Emirates Transport and will be ready by coming Sunday (first school day of 2015-2016 academic year). According to reports, 152 busses have been imported by Emirates Transport to modernize its school vehicle fleet. Around 98,171 students are registered with Emirates Transport using their school buses.

Mohammed Al Jarman (GM of Emirates Transport) mentioned “Emirates Transport and ADEC are setting up a central operations room equipped with technology to track school buses’ journeys.”

We hope this topnotch safety alarm system will help saving lives of our future-Students.