9 Things to Perk up Your Kids Closet

Wandas Monster - 9 Things to Perk up Your Kids Closet

Have you ever noticed a sudden drop in your kids interest in his room? Be Alert! Social activities and hanging out all the time may not be the reason. The way you décor their room is equally responsible for it. Children grow quickly and accordingly their needs, desires and choices varies. When you see your child not paying attention to their living area, it may be the time to renovate their room especially the closet.

Moreover, as a mom you remain in need of keeping your child’s ever-changing wardrobe spick and span. A well-organized closet of your kid means you know how to deal with his growing necessities. Let me tell you what things you can add to your kid’s closet making it perkier than ever. Also free your home from the things that pose a great threat to kid’s health.

  1. Color Coordinate:

Keep changing your kids closet color scheme. Pick a funky hue matching your child’s personality. Usually people use pink for girls and blue for their boys. But not a fixed rule and disowning it I gave purple and red shades to my boys room and greenish grey to his closet. And he was like you are super cool mom. He doesn’t like blue much. Best is to ask for your kids opinion and you will surely get an outclass combo as kids are more creative.

  1. Extra Hanging Rods:

Unlike an adults closet, add multiple rows of hanging rods at lower level to make your kids closet spacy.  Also, kids can get their cloths easily and they do not need to call you for help. Though they are shorter in size and so do their outfits but this is the best thing about them. How? Obviously they can utilize more space and in fact more efficiently without any hassle.

  1. Pull-Down Rods:

For small sized wardrobes, adding pull-down rods is the great solution. These will help in accessing highly hung clothes with a simple push button or stick. Bring ease for your kid by installing these rods.

  1. Stepping Stool.

Stepping stool will bring a fun in your kids life along with easy access to out-of-reach things. It would be a good exercise for your kid when he climbs up and down on stepping stool in his closet.

  1. Hamper:

Hamper is the best thing for your kids laundry storage. Kids usually mix up their used clothes with clean ones if proper space isn’t available in their closet. Hamper will help them keeping their dirty clothes separately organized.

  1. Hook and Rail:

A well mounted hook and rail in your kids closet will help him keeping more stuff placed and organized therein. Wall hooks can also be used for utilizing extra wall space in the closet.

  1. Kids Hangers:

Use kids hangers of appropriate size so that your kids clothes stop falling off. This usually happens when you use adults hangers for your kids clothes.

  1. Drawers:

So you have a scholarly child or a creative one then fix drawers in his closet for his diaries, crayons and many other school supplies. Say goodbye to anxiety of misplacing small things of his daily use by putting them in separate drawers. You can place colorful stickers on them displaying which drawer holds what accessories.

  1. Pull out shelves for shoes:

Get rid of seemingly endless shoe boxes. Use shoe cubbies or pull out shelves for storing your kids shoes.

Make an ultimate organized closet for your kid with these affordable must-haves. Your kid will surely love it more when you keep asking for his choices. You can also buy new furniture from Ikea and United Furnitures.

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