8 Ways to Bridge Communication Gap in Parents and Child?

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“Communication and Trust are two main ingredients for any successful relationship”

Do you ever realize what makes a relationship lively and long-lasting? Of course reliance and confidence in each other but what is more important is how you communicate. How you make others feel with your words and actions especially your parents. Apparently it seems so easy to deal with but practically you may fall in trap and might not tackle it well.

Good communication is must for developing a dynamic relationship specifically, when we talk about parents and kids. ‘Generation gap’ is the term rolling around us for more than a decade. I personally believe that this phenomena is existent ever since human life has started. In fact for me it initiated as soon as I started to talk with my mom and dad. I always wonder why my parents didn’t understand me and my opinions. But now I’m a mother and my 5 years old is giving me answers to all those questions I couldn’t get in my life span of 35 years. Now he is making me realize how true my parents were in so many things. And from parents experience I’m very well aware of tactics for dealing with my naughty kid.

Perspectives have greatly changed by now and presently people are more aware of this generation gap and how it’s affecting their lives. Generation gap is synonymous to communication gap. Why this is so? May be because parents are busier then ever before and also kids are overloaded with their own educational and social activities.

What Causes Communication Gap:

Prior to evaluating how to bridge communication gap between parents and children, it is important to know the factors causing it. Eliminating the root causes of this gap will eventually lead in making parent and child relationship better and stronger.

  • Paradoxical Care
  • Technology Gap
  • Poor Time Management
  • Social Miscalculations
  • Difficulty in Understanding Friends

Moreover, varying tastes, habits and opinions also extend this gap which can occur between ‘father and child’ and also ‘mother and child’. Lack of understanding a kid from father’s side is more apparent. Probing children behavior and personality is quite easier for a mother in contrast to father. Reason behind this is that mothers normally spend more time with their kids.  For a kid, mother remains that one friend who understands him even when he doesn’t speak a single word. On the other hand, father needs time to realize the facts about his children as his main focus remains on bread winning activities. Well, this is no hard and fast rule and may varies from region to region.

Parents and kids may have different reasons for any barrier of communication but it’s greatly affected by one’s family background plus social setup.

Tips to Bridge This Communication Gap

  1. Improve your behavior toward kids
  2. Reflect new understandings with your children
  3. Make him feel that he is a vital and beneficial family member
  4. Habitually ask about his opinions and choices
  5. Discuss his viewpoints, dreams and thoughts openly
  6. Share your time, hobbies and social activities with him
  7. Actively listen to his ideas no matter how absurd they may appear
  8. Let him deal with his faults and problems; just guide him how

Summing Up:

Better not to impose your opinions on kids and let them think and make their own life quotations with your right guidance.

Kids grow with their own images and in my opinion parent’s job is to help them in filling right colors with proper brushes in their life canvas. Believe me your kid will portrait himself as world’s best personality. Let them grow physically, mentally as well as spiritually, just keep telling them what could be right or wrong for them.

Rectifying parent and child attitude toward each other will definitely help in shrinking the deadly communication gap.

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