7 Free Business Productivity Tools for Startups

start - 7 Free Business Productivity Tools for Startups

Often the startup businesses find it difficult to establish themselves in the giant competitive market. For the reason that ecommerce business plan is getting tough with every passing day rather every passing minute. The only scary challenge in your way, to get your desired output, is to ‘market’ your products like no other.

It could be a daunting endeavor if you do not have enough capital to make your voice heard. Mostly the startups fail because they miss the mark to generate customers’ interest in their services or products. If you find yourself strapped for the much needed finances then the following free business productivity tools will help you to keep your business afloat.

I have experienced these tool ranging from project to time management, and sales & marketing to generate the buzz for my startup. Today I can say, there is no full stop when it comes to my booming ROI.

1. Trello:

Now you can organize everything with Trello. Just install this software and it will keep the track of every bit of details about your project from start till end and whatever is in between. No more sticky notes, no lengthy email threads and outdated spreadsheets to manage your work.

Trello is free and flexible. You can add anyone working on the specific task. In a single glance, you will get to know the progress of ongoing projects. Bring the ‘smooth running’ factor to your workflow.

Startup Business Ideas-Yesgulf2. Bitrix24 :

It is a free collaboration suite that contains 35+ work tools. Hey! What’s more you need man? With this one software you will have all significant online communication, records management and social collaboration etc tools for your team to quickly manage the essential pieces of information. Big names like Forbes and PCWorld are using it. See how reliable it is.

Bitrix24 combines a social intranet system with CRM tools including contact tracking, sales funnel supervision, messaging, activity planning and also the calendars.

Startup Business Ideas-Yesgulf3. WordPress CMS:

WordPress CMS (content management system) is an open source tool that will help you to get found online. Your web host may offer you a basic CMS.  But you have a development experience then you can install the CMS template and optimize it yourself as per your needs. Or else, get the services of your buddy developer. As you set it up, you can publish content with no assistance.

Free Business Productivity Tools -Yesgulf4.Google Docs:

If your business involves too much of documents or heavy presentations sharing, then Google Docs is the best option. All you need to have a Gmail address to enjoy the power of this free tool. Change the track and get rid of old ways to create shareable files, project demonstrations and lot more. You will get instant notification as any of your team member share some updated document there on the Google drive. You can control its access.

Free Business Productivity Tools-Yesgulf5.iPhone Reminders:

For any startup business, time management plays a significant role in the journey of their success. ‘IPhone Reminders’ will jog your memory for important things to do. For instance, running payroll, time-sensitive meetings, tax payments and renewing subscriptions or anything you tend to forget.

Each time, for the due reminder, this tool will display a pop-up on your phone’s screen after giving you a buzz. You can even set up the recurring reminders and it will keep telling you until you mark it completed.

Free Business Productivity Tools-Yesgulf6.Google Webmaster Tools:

Startups must know about Google Analytics. If you want to be found on Google, use its Webmaster Tools. For sales and marketing undertakings ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ is the optimum solution that’s free of any cost. Always listen what Google wants to tell you through its Webmaster Tools and you can rock the business world.

Free Business Productivity Tools-Yesgulf7. PRLog.org

Distribution of press releases is one of the surefire route to make your business presence well-recognized. PR Log is an online service that accepts your press release without any charges and spread it like virus.

Though it is a website but for me, it is an awesome tool using which I can dispense my press releases for free. It also provides assistance to write killer press releases and even videos incorporation where necessary.

While majority of newbies looking to make their business flourish, they must comprehend the significance of above mentioned free business productivity tools. Embed these tools in your roadmap to revenue and enjoy the resultant wonders.