7 Foods That’ll Help You Get Amazing Nails

7 Foods That'll Help You Get Amazing Nails-YesGulf

Growing great-looking nails starts a lot before you abandon the nail polish. You can improve the way your nails look by eating the right type of foods. Many doctors often view nails to determine the overall health of the individual. That is because your body sends nutrients to your important organs first and the nails receive the nutrients in the end. Therefore, if you are malnourished then it will show on your nails.

Even if you eat a healthy diet it may not ensure problem free nails. Your nails may suffer from brittleness and slow rate of growth. The genetics may also influence the beauty of your nails. Therefore consuming foods that promote the health of your nails can keep them in best shape. Therefore we are providing a list of foods that you can eat to improve your nails.

Eggs improving the nail growth-YesGulf


This item is full of protein that is a key ingredient in growing strong nails. In fact the nail plate that is the portion of the nail from which you can see through is made of protein. Eggs are also rich in B vitamins that consist of ingredients like Biotin that can help in improving the nail growth.

Broccoli for Amazing Nails-YesGulf

To utilize the protein in your food you will need to eat the super common vegetable called Broccoli. That contains amino acids like cysteine.

salmon nail growth-YesGulf


The tasty pink fish has plenty of protein and zinc in it. That can help your body in utilizing the protein you consume. The fish also contains the ingredients like selenium and copper. That produce the collagen that can boost your nail growth.

Coconut Oil fortify the nails-YesGulf

Coconut Oil

Consuming healthy fats like coconut oil improve your body’s ability to utilize the nutrients. This ingredient also consists of vitamins like A, D, E and K. They all fortify the nails.

Chicken for amazing nails -YesGulf


Like eggs, chicken has plenty of strength-increasing vitamin B and protein. It is also abundant in zinc. These three nutrients are an essential component for nail growth.

Spinach for amazing nails -yesGulf


Eating spinach is wonderful idea for improving the health. It can also make your nails better. That is because this vegetable has vitamin E, iron and B vitamins. There is folate and vitamin A in it. All these vitamins increase nail strength and growth.

 brazil nuts for nail growth-YesGulf

Brazil Nuts

You might want to replace your stash of almonds with the nuts. They consist of collagen building selenium and zinc. They also consist of vitamin B and vitamin E.

Consuming the healthy foods will make you and your nails healthier. Since it takes about six months to completely grow a nail, you should keep in mind that you will not notice any difference for about three months.

You should eat nutritious food to improve the beauty of your nails. For instance you should eat plenty of proteins and food rich in vitamins. The diet must include vegetables like Broccoli and food rich in proteins like eggs, fish and chicken. By following a proper diet plan you will start noticing a change in the health of your nails.