6 Things to Do in Dubai on Your Day Off

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Most people work continuously from the age of 23 to 65, and the average life expectancy for humans is 75 to 79. If you think about it, you toil and toil for over 40 years of your life, trying to save for retirement, and you only get an average of 12 years to focus on yourself.


If you think about the numbers, it’s hard not to think that life’s unfair. When you’re young and able, you need to work hard to meet life’s demands. But when you retire, you have the financial resources but not the vigor of youth. Indeed, life’s quite ironic.


This is why life coaches stress the importance of now in doing what you want to do and getting joy out of life. You have days off, holiday breaks, and leaves to take advantage of. Use these days to derive pleasure from being young and alive.


If you live and work in Dubai, there are so many opportunities for you to work against professional burnout and also create joyful experiences with the people who matter to you.


To get you started on cultivating a more fulfilling life, here are five ideas to try.


1. Go on a staycation with the family

There’s no better opportunity to spend time with family than when everybody’s still young and not so busy with other relationships and life responsibilities. So, go on a getaway with them. If it’s a hassle to head out of town for a relaxing time with the people you love on your day off, book a hotel in your city. A staycation will take you out of the house and lead you to new experiences with your family.

luxury hotels in dubai

A lot of luxury hotels in Dubai offer great deals for families and couples. These deals include discounted rates for accommodations on top of a collection of fun experiences, which can include everything from tours, show tickets, fine dining, and others.


2. Take a class

If, as a kid, you were like most little girls who dreamed of becoming prima ballerinas, why not sign up for a barre class now? Didn’t dream of being a ballerina? There are still many other classes, and short courses offered in Dubai; you just need to take your pick.


Remember, it’s never too late to be what you could have been. Dedicate a few hours of your day off to dabble in an interest that you had to set aside because of other life demands.


3. Go to a water park

This is an activity that’s perfect for creating unforgettable fun moments with your family. The water park is always a good idea because the sun always shines bright and hot in Dubai.


There are many resorts and water parks to choose from, here. But, if you are keen on visiting these leisure destinations often, take advantage of the resident annual pass provision of Laguna Waterpark. This pass offers the best value for money because it means free entrance for a whole year, even on public holidays. On top of that, you get discounts and other perks.


4. Treat the family to brunch

Wake up a bit late, get dressed nicely, and head over to a popular brunch destination in the city. A lot of hotel restaurants offer an intercontinental brunch. They serve everything —from traditional Emirati breakfasts to sushi, pancakes, steak, pasta, and so much more.


Brunch is a fantastic way to launch into a free day. You can take it slow over the meal and exchange stories with family and friends to catch up.


5. Watch a much-hyped about movie

Don’t miss out on popular culture and find out why young people are big fans of certain movies. Treat yourself to a relaxing two hours or so on your day off just to watch the film everybody’s talking about.


This year boasts a lot of blockbuster hits. Keep your eyes peeled for all the popular films lined up for 2020. A lot of millennials and GenX-ers are anticipating the live-action version of “Mulan,” which will be shown in Dubai. Set the date for that one already, especially if you were able to watch the animated version back in the day.


6. Volunteer for a cause

Join a volunteer program that will allow you to contribute to causes that can impact the future. In Dubai, there are a lot of movements for environmental awareness and care; you can volunteer for their special programs.


How about heading to the beach and collecting nurdles, which are among the leading causes of marine pollution? Or, working for a charitable organization that aids the socially vulnerable?


Grab the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. This kind of service feels good all around, and it can change the way you think, and help you develop a better and healthier perspective on life.


A day off is an excellent chance to feed your body, mind, and soul. It wouldn’t hurt to use the suggestions on how to spend your day off shared above to have fun, relax, and be the version of yourself that you can be happy with.



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