5 Secrets for a Healthy Mouth Revealed!

guest - 5 Secrets for a Healthy Mouth Revealed!

Mouth stands as an entry point into our body. A healthy body should have healthy entrance too. How to keep the mouth healthy is a common thought among each and every one. It is necessary to maintain oral hygiene as it helps the person to remain healthy. Some tips to keep the mouth healthy are as follows:

Proper cleaning

The general methods to maintain cleanliness and hygiene are brushing and flossing. Regularly cleaning your teeth before bed is advised to have a healthy mouth. It helps to remove any remaining food particles inside the mouth, thereby erasing chances of bacterial activity. It will allow the mouth to remain clean for the next 7-8 hours of sleep. Not a single inch of the human body is fully free from bacterial presence. So brushing in the morning helps to remove the bacteria developed overnight and lets the mouth remain fresh. Make brushing your teeth at least twice daily a habit.

Consumption of food

The food we eat plays a great role in the health of the mouth. Foods such as cabbage, celery, broccoli, carrot, corn, oats, nuts, almonds, walnuts, etc. are the primarily coarse type. Chewing such food items help in polishing and cleaning the teeth. Along with the abrasive quality, leafy vegetables also aids in providing sufficient folic acid, vitamins, and calcium that are essential for the health of your gums. Strawberry is another item, which helps in whitening of teeth with the use of an enzyme malic acid. Milk, yogurt, and such dairy products contain lactic acid that fights against the decay of teeth.

Use of fluoride-containing toothpaste

Most of the toothpaste now have fluoride, which helps in reducing cavity formation in teeth. It makes the teeth stronger, thereby making less prone to cavities. The prescription will be given for high-strength-fluoride-containing toothpaste if there are higher chances of teeth decay.

Avoid soda and sweetened drinks

People who drink soda and other sweet drinks will have higher chances of getting cavities in teeth. The bacteria in mouth breaks down the sugar, and the result is acid formation. These acids will be corrosive to the enamel of teeth and cause cavities. The soft drinks in addition to these, affects the dentin layer too, making pores deeper. When you want to drink soft drinks, make sure you use straws as it will reduce direct contact with the teeth.

Visit your dentist at regular intervals

Hellenic Dental Clinic Jumeirah offers all sorts of dental consultations that will help you to maintain the health of your pearly whites. Regularly visit your dentist once in every three months. Your personal dentist can make valuable recommendations and advice, which would benefit your teeth. The dentist will do the regular dental cleaning in those visits, which can ensure protection from cavities and let your teeth shine brightly.

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