5 Reasons To Put An End To Selfie Obsession

5 reasons to put an end to selfie obsession-Opinion-Yesgulf

The most powerful and effective drug that intoxicated human race is surely smartphones but everything was still manageable until the craziness of selfies completely took over the world. The sole purpose of taking a selfie is to get likes, which according to some people boosts confidence but what about the time when there was no concept of selfies? People surely had confidence at that time too. While the researchers are constantly screaming about narcissism that selfies cause, the human race is turning a deaf ear to it to the point that even celebrities and presidents are taking selfies forcing people to make selfies an integral part of their lifestyle.

Here are 5 reasons why you must stop taking selfies now:

You will not be hired:

According to Annual social recruiting survey by Jobvite, 93 % of recruiters search candidate’s social media profile before hiring them and thanks to ever changing security settings, they can even read comments and interpret them in their own way. No professional recruiter will consider hiring you if he sees your midnight selfies with a pout and an overdose of makeup. They will doubt that you will be able to gel in with professionals at work.

You will lose friends:

Taking unlimited selfies with your latest iPhone is a sure fire way of making your friends jealous. This will make them hate you for being a show off. Moreover posting selfies with hashtags like #iamprettyandiknowit will make them dislike you for being so self-centered and self-obsessed. Your friends will start avoiding you and finally they will end their friendship with you.

You might lose your life to selfie-Opinion-Yesgulf

You might lose your life to selfie:

In June 2014, a 26 year old bride-to-be named Colette died in a car crash while she was on her way to her Bachelorette party with her friend. In a bid to take selfie, the friend who was driving lost control of the vehicle and the car got hit by a vehicle and the bride lost her life. So, what is the point of taking a selfie when you won’t even live to check who liked it.

You waste your time:

Selfie never means just one photo of yourself rather it means taking at least 20 photos before you get the perfect one. Sometimes, you do not even realize how much time you waste in an attempt to take a perfect selfie. While having lunch with your friend, you might spend the entire time taking selfies and your friend might do the same. So, what is the point of meeting even when all you have to do is take selfies.

You might become addicted-Opinion-YesGulf

You might become addicted:

Selfies make you keep craving for more and before you even know, you become addicted to them. Danny Brown, a teenager attempted to commit suicide when after trying constantly for 10 hours, he could not get a perfect selfie. He luckily survived and then went to rehabilitation center. If this is not insanity then what is! So, if you do not want to end up like this teenager simply cut down on your number of selfies taken every day.

So, time to bring a big change in your lifestyle and disconnect with your smartphones in order to connect with people in real way.