5 Ramadan Drinks to Avoid Dehydration this Summer

drinks Ramadan main - 5 Ramadan Drinks to Avoid Dehydration this Summer

Ramadan is a holy month, which falls in summer this year. It means that it will be making a bit of a tough fasting task for Muslims who desist from drink and food until sunset. There are vast majorities of Muslims all around the globe who are in search for the information regarding best Ramadan drinks, which will help them avoid dehydration this summer. During fasting, human body loses liquids, which is why Muslims need a healthy drink after or during Iftar in order to avoid dehydration in an effective manner. All of the below mentioned are considered to be the 5 traditional Ramadan drinks that can surely keep you hydrated:

Dates& Milk

dates and milk

Dates& Milk are customarily eaten and drunk right after the sunset call of Maghrib prayer, when usually Muslim break their fast in Ramadan. Muslims start their Iftar by eating dried dates, which are usually put in milk overnight, in faithfulness to the teachings of Prophet Mohammad ï·º, who also broke his fast in this manner. However, plain dried dates and a glass of milk are undoubtedly old-fashioned. It is also common around the globe in Muslim countries to spice things up a bit by making delicious and mouthwatering recipes with stuffed dates.

Amar al Din

amar al din drink

Amar al Din is most probably one of the most famous Ramadan drink, which is usually taken during Sehari or Iftar. It is also the perfect drink to start your Iftar with in Ramadan, as it contains a reasonable amount of sugar, which helps you to lift up your digestive system without over encouraging it. This popular drink is made from dried apricot or sometimes apricot paste. It also contains digestive aids, vitamins, metabolism regulators and some other useful properties that are good for human body.



In Ramadan, mostly Arabs in the Middle East sips a cool mixture drink known as Khoshaf. It is a cool refreshing drink that is made of dried fruits. It is also called a fresh fruit salad drink which is made of figs, raisins, prunes, dates and dried apricots that are usually soaked in water and sugar overnight to build a beautiful and tasty sauce that helps to makes this salad drink sweet. This drink is usually aided in small portions, just to break the fast and then sit-down to enjoy the rest of the meal.



Sahlab is one of the most popular traditional drink or dessert in some countries that is served massively during Ramadan in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. This drink is indeed a refreshing drink that will help you avoid dehydration this summer in Ramadan. It is a drink, which consists of a creamy pudding made from hot milk and it is flavored with some cinnamon and nuts.

Erk Sous

erk sous

Erk Sous is also another famous Ramadan drink in many Arab countries, especially Egypt, Dubai and Syria. It is a black, mildly sweet and a bit of bitter Ramadan drink made from licorice root. It is usually not preferable known as a drink; however, it is famous with the name of candy than as a drink.