5 Of the Most Famous Women Artists

5 Of the Most Famous Women Artists

In this article we are going to talk about some of the most famous women artists the world has. In this list we discuss some of the great artworks that the women has done that makes them ranked to be the top most famous women in the world over. Please note that most works by the artists in this list are highly priced and may cost you lost of money for you to collect. Keep reading to find out more about the 5 of the most famous women artists you should know about.

  1. Nassif Suzi

Suzi Nassif is a contemporary female artist who was born in Lebanon but now resides in Dubai where she is doing her art business. She started art at a young age because she started being passionate about art at a very young age. She has painted numerous pieces which have been put on display at various art galleries in different countries. She does artwork which includes digital surreal art, nude sure-reality, abstract impression, and black & white art. To find out more about this Dubai award winning artist you can visit her official website page at suzinassif.com. She is also one of the greatest digital surreal artists of our time.

  1. Vija Celmins

She is an award winning female artist who is a Latvian-American who is best known for photo-realistic paintings. She also draws natural environments and phenomena such as spider webs, ocean, rocks and star fields. In her earlier work she was involved in doing pop sculptures and monochromatic representational paintings. She is currently based in New York City where she is credited for having done over forty solo exhibitions. She has also done lots of other wonderful works which can be found in a number of modern art museums across the US. Indeed she is one of the greatest female artists of our age.

  1. Cynthia Ona Innis

She is an American painter, visual artists, and sculptor who was raised in San Diego. She has done numerous elegant artworks that are captivating and immersive as well. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley she later earned her post-graduate M.F.A from Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Among some of the awards and recognition she has received for her artwork include the San Francisco Arts Commission Honorarium, the MacDowell Fellowship and Residency award, and the James D. Phelan award in print making.

  1. Kristin Nelson

She is an American artist who is involved in painting but also an actor and author. She was at one time married to musician and actor Rickey Nelson. She has done a number of primitive paintings that you will find in a number of art galleries in the US.

  1. Grace Cossington Smith

She was an amazing Australian artist and she was also the pioneer of modernist painting in Australia. She is credited for introducing post-impressionism to her native country of Australia. Although she is now departed, her works remain in the minds of most art lover in the country and also in the world.

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