5 Networking misunderstandings

Networking Mistakes - 5 Networking misunderstandings

Keeping a good network is quite important in order to have a proper and functional lifestyle. With a good networked, one can learn new things, become more innovative and create new ideas. But in today’s world, people are becoming more and more distant form one another, be it personal or professional relationships. This is mainly due to their different mind-sets and stigmas related to networking. Due to these misconceptions, people often see networking as a negative activity. Some of these misconceptions are listen below.

People should connect organically without any effort – Perhaps the biggest myths about networking is that relations and friendships happened automatically. People often think that if something is meant to happen, it will happen without any prior effort. This is because people only want to be with people who are very much like them. They think that putting effort behind building a relationship is quite forceful and unnatural. Without any effort, one cannot clearly see the faults of people who they are friends, or work with. Only through careful consideration and some amount of research, can one clearly choose the correct colleague or friend. By meeting new people who have thoughts which are different to theirs, they can broaden their horizons and learn new aspects of life.

It is quite selfish to have a network – People who avoid having relations with other people often blame it on the values with which people are these networks. It is said that people only make friends in order to serve their own selfish needs. It is seen as an advantage to some, and only see a relationship as a thing of giving and taking. Mostly it is seen in any form of senior junior networks where juniors are more hard working in order to please their senior colleagues.

Keeping a tight group is more important – This is one of the biggest reasons why networking fails in the real world. People with the idea that most of the crowd cannot be trusted completely are the ones who are against the idea of networking. They believe in keeping a small but completely trustworthy circle of people and alienate others. They undermine the value of keeping good ties with people who they barely know.

Networking wastes people’s valuable time – People who are inexperienced with networking often feel like it is a waste of their precious time. All they think is that whether this form of socializing will help their current situation or not. The fact they ignore is that maintaining these weak ties with people might end up helping them with their tasks in the future.

Networking is a natural talent – Many people, mostly introverted, think that networking can be don only by people who are more social than others. This is a common myth and completely ridiculous. They believe that if they are not gifted with the talent of socializing, networking will eventually be a waste of their time.

Thus, we can see that all these misconceptions are plain myths and networking is really an important tool in building better professional relationships for the future.