5 Most Expensive Contemporary Artists in the Arab World

5 Most Expensive Contemporary Artists in the Arab World - 5 Most Expensive Contemporary Artists in the Arab World

Being an artist might be easy but have you ever thought about the hardship that goes behind painting a large canvas, fill it with colors and yet struggle to sell even one of them? However, there are some who have made it great in the world of contemporary art. In the olden days art was not an expensive home décor item that people liked hanging on the wall but it was a hobby and passion to collect those art pieces and decorate the house. However, today that concept has changed and there are paintings for sale all over the world. There has been a significant growth in this market over the past years. Here a 5 most famous names of contemporary artists in the Arab world

Suzi Nassif

Suzi Nassif is one such contemporary artist in the Arab world who has made it big. Her work is based on the terms and concept of modern art and contemporary art. Her work has actually uplifted the whole contemporary art in Dubai. According to Suzi Nassif paintings can only be bought if one can understand the concept, the story and the expressions of the painting. Just like how photographs narrate stories about the moments snapped, very similarly paintings tell a story about you. Click here to view her impressive art.

Ella Orencillo

Ella Orencillo is another artist who has been staying in Dubai for the past four years. Her style of painting can be associated with feminine and surreal twists. Her forte mainly is airbrushing and can you guess for how long she has been painting? Well, it was 1999 when she first started and since then airbrushing has remained her first love. Although surreal twists are Ella’s cup of tea, lately she has been drawing inspiration from a lot of negativity. Not that she has stopped taking inspiration from what her daily life offers her. She wants to be an inspiration someday for others and definitely be more inspired. Click here to see her online gallery.

Maisoon Al Saleh

Maisoon Al Saleh is just a 23 year old artist in Dubai who is not ONLY popular in Dubai but a lot of men and women from the Arab world know him. Generally you will find Maisoon’s work in the surreal style of art and she uses a mix of acrylic on canvas, for installation she uses mixed media and for sculptures fiberglass is used by her. She is currently the first Emirati artist who has created artworks underwater. She seems to be happy at the position he holds today and is satisfied with his accomplishments. View her art gallery here.

Hala Ali and Saeed Khalifa

Hala Ali and Saeed Khalifa are also two young artists who have taken the contemporary art in Dubai Scenario many notches up. Saeed Khalifa has been in Dubai all his life whereas Hala Ali is in Dubai since the past 9 years. Hala Ali explores text, language and contextual meaning whereas Saeed loves surreal paintings. Color, beautiful and dark haunting images are Saeed’s forte. Both of them plan to take up art in such a way that it affects their work and education. Saeed wants to take up projects on the international level and showcase the Emirati talent. The art culture is in safe hands seems to be the moral here.


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