5 Malpractices That Can Wreck Your Workout Program

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So you have crafted an awesome workout. Good to know that it covers everything from healthy diet plan to nutritive supplements and how to get your mind on ‘track’. But there are some things that can bring grave repercussions for your workout program. Yes, below listed slipups can actually kill all your efforts you put into your workout to get splendid outcomes.

1.Say no to Oversleeping:

It is all fine to get your ‘power-nap’ to recharge your batteries, in the evening, prior to start your daily exercises.

According to researches, there is nothing wrong in taking a short nap before workout. In fact, this will actually increase your energy level and will make you more focused. However, if you sleep for long hours than be ready to cope with exactly the opposite effect. This is because your body and mind will feel more lethargic and exhausted.

So you must not sleep more than 20-30 minutes before starting your workout.

2.Do not Take Heavy Food:

People often feel heartburn or refluxed during the workout. Key reason behind is either they overeat or hit up the heavy spicy food. ‘Eating big or too much’ is just a No-No because full stomach will make you less comfortable and you simply cannot workout at your full intensity.

Pre-workout nutrition food is essential for amazing workout, however, extra dose of a good thing can also be perilous. It may cause you enough pain like stomach cramps or nausea and you need to pack up early. Do not fall victim to over-burdened stomach and get the thorough- going effectiveness of each exercise.

3.Too Much Water can Backfire:

Keep a close check on your hydrating habits. If you find your water intake quite low for the entire day then balance it about an hour before starting your workout. Do not drink too little or too much as both can have drastic effect on your overall health and workout program.

Human kidneys can process almost 1 liter water in span of about an hour. So, if you drink more and very much close to your workout time, it will go wrong and can put you at risk. For the reason that your blood will become diluted leading to energy loss, belly cramps, nausea etc. unsettled stomach will never ever allow you to have a good workout.

4.Do Not Overdo Stimulants:

True that consuming caffeine or any high quality pre-workout stimulants can give good boost to your workout program. Nothing wrong in it but problem triggers when you overdo it. Moderate intake of stimulants will certainly motivate you, enhance your energy and focus capacity.

On the other hand, excessive use of energizing products, be it in the form of tablets or drinks can result in anxiety, nausea and fast heart-beat. Anyone of these warning signs will make your workout less productive.

5.Avoid Nerve-wrecking Situations:

Stress is a real workout program assassin. Circumvent all situations that can put you in stress that’s truly a ‘concentration killer’. Without attention and focus on exercise, you cannot get the outcomes of your choice. Under the state of stress, human body releases the high quotient of cortisol-a stress hormone because of which muscle tissues get collapsed.

Lack of concentration during workout enhances the chances of mishaps and injury. Just imagine, you are doing dumbbell exercises with no-focus and suddenly dumbbell fall on your foot. You cannot exercise for many days and medical bills are additional fatigue now.

So, always attempt to sidestep the stressful and frantic situations before heading towards gym.

Final Thought:

To get a fab body, you must follow a fab routine. Dodge above mentioned pre-workout no-no’s and get the all-out benefits from your daily exercises. You need to follow a different approach and should AVOID these workout-wrecking mistakes owning the potential to kill your killer workout.