5 genius makeup hacks every girl must know

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A girl’s first toy is usually her mother’s cosmetics kit that she chooses to attack at a very young age. After that as the teenage hits there is hardly any party or event that a girl can attend without makeup. While a heavy dose of makeup can make you look like a clown or give a hint of Halloween makeup, a light makeup might not be able to conceal your flaws and give you an outclass look. There are some genius makeup hacks you must try to have a professional makeup look and stay at apex when it comes to following latest fashion trends.

1-Make your own lip gloss:

So, if you want to try out a new color lip gloss that you do not have, then simply grab a spoon and put some petroleum jelly in it. Now get the loose eyeshadow powder or blush of desired color and mix the two with your finger and simply apply on your lips. In this way you will have a wide variety of lip shades to wear at every party without even have to wasting your money on buying new cosmetics.

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2-Get the glow from within:

To get a glow that seems to be coming from inside your skin and giving a hint of natural blush, apply the blush on your cheeks before applying the foundation. Bright pink matches every skin tone in this regard. Choose to apply two shades for a flawless glow. Choose red to apply on the apple of the cheek and then choose highest point of the cheekbone to apply any shade of peach. Touch up with a matte bronzer applied on forehead, chin and cheekbone.

Get The Glow From Within-YesGulf

3-Get a white pencil:

White pencil can yield you multiple benefits. Lining your water liner with white pencil instead of a dark eyeliner will give an impression of bigger eyes. Moreover applying a white pencil or white eyeliner over the eyelid before applying the eye shadow will enhance the color. So, get a white eyeliner today to reap its secret benefits.

Get A White Pencil-YesGulf

4-Get a perfect lip color:

Apply foundation on your lips before you apply lipstick. This will help get the exact color of lipstick. For darker shades, it might not be that effective but with lighter shade lipsticks like coral or peach it does the job well. If your lips are darker and usually after applying the lip color, you can still see your original color of lips through the lighter shade then it is best to apply foundation before.

Get A Perfect Lip Color-YesGulf

5-Draw an outline:

In order to get the perfect winged look with your eyeliner, prefer a liquid eyeliner. Start with drawing an outline of the wing and then finish it by filling it to create a professional winged look. This look is in latest fashion trends for this season so make use of this hack and instantly transform your amateur skills to professional and perfect makeup skills.

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