5 Cars Worth Waiting for the Next Few Months in UAE

5 Cars Worth Waiting in UAE-automotive industry in UAE-latest luxury cars-YesGulf

Performance, style or luxury, it’s all your own choice and money leading to decide which car will suit you the best.  In today’s fast pacing world and the busy life, road vehicle is like a must-have. People are switching from two to four wheels like never observed before.

Automobile industry knows and understands the demands of people no matter at what corner of the world they are living in. The automotive industry in UAE is one of the fastest growing and the most thriving commerce of the era.

From roadster to jeep, coupe and sports car, you can buy any of your preferred brand’s vehicle in UAE.

Compelling Vehicles Coming To Market Soon.

Stay in the loop, we have picked five latest luxury cars that are worthy to wait for. These will surely be the masterpieces as I have assumed from the specs and features announced officially from the manufacturers.

2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan-Command the Roads

Without any excuses or compromises, the upcoming 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan is the next generation bespoke, stunning and powerful car. Sedan is going to rock this year with CTS-V 2016 model that will be launched to push the performance and comfort to the brink.

5 Cars Worth Waiting in UAE-automotive industry in UAE-latest luxury cars-YesGulf

You will be thrilled with its beast natured engine with active fuel management and the eight trick pony that will smoothly assist you in swift reaching to the maximum speed.  If you want to relish in a personalized and responsive drive for any tour, track, and sport or snow driving venture, then this car is made for you.

In six colors, Cadillac CTS-V Sedan is supposed to be on the market in late summer 2015.

2016 Fiat-Abarth Spider- Enjoy the Fusion Cuisine

2016 Fiat/Abarth Spider is anticipated as one of the center-attraction roadster cars in which dual-clutch automatic system will be used.

Fiat always comes with iconic cars but now Alfa Romeo is going to produce a new series named spider.  The roadster lovers can take pleasure in this great fusion of Mazda and the Miata series. This merger will certainly help the Fiat to strengthen its position in global automobiles market together with a great addition to the automotive industry in UAE.

5 Cars Worth Waiting in UAE-automotive industry in UAE-latest luxury cars-YesGulf

This rear-drive sports car is predicted to be light in weight like Mazda MX-5 coupled with the swift handing over outright power. Its launching date is not revealed by Fiat yet, but hopefully you will see it on the ramp around the next year or in first quarter of 2016.

2017 Ford Taurus-Make Your Lifestyle Elegant & Comfortable

With an awe-inspiring style and design, the concept of 2017 Ford Taurus is simply brilliant. I am not much fond of red color, but this deep red is solely the one I cannot resist loving.


This beauty is supposed to be released at closure of 2015 or at the early 2016. But then again, formal announcement is still not made and therefore, we have to wait for its arrival at UAE market.

I am desperately waiting to know if the claim by manufacturers is true that it’s coming with extraordinary performance attributes. However, I am sure that it will definitely catch the buyers’ eyes.

2017 Audi A7-Please Come Soon:

Featuring the more radical and stylish look, Audi A7 is the second generation that is designed with the aim of ending the era of identical looking Audis. This new and unique flair of Audi with the light-weight bodywork will certainly get the attention of the buyers in UAE.

Audi A7

As usual, no formal vow but I am expecting to see this all-new A7 for debut in a year or so from now.

2016 Mercedes Benz GLK-Everyone’s Sweet Heart

Oh my love, I cannot hold my horses to see you jeopardizing some robust rivals. Mercedes Benz is undoubtedly one of the game changers among the compact luxurious crossovers. Though Mercedes Benz GLK will be the refreshed version with lots of noteworthy features and functions, but still it holds the potential to rule the automotive world.


2016 Mercedes Benz GLK in revamped version is supposed to be released in coming September this year.

Summing Up:

Fingers crossed if these top-of-the-line and persuasive automobiles can beat their rivals all in specs, performance and prices.

Some other models arriving soon with full boom includes, 2017 BMW M2, 2016 Ferrari FF Coupe, 2017 Audi Sport Quattro and 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350.