4 Reasons for Loving Sparta: War of Empires

4 Reasons for Loving Sparta: War of Empires-latest games-YesGulf

Now-a-days, as technology is advancing, online games are becoming the best source for kids entertainment.  Sparta: War of Empires is an amazing online game developed by Plarium. Here you will get the real feel of a warrior.

This free-to-play MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy) online game is based on a mythical Greek world in the 5th century. It works on the theme to rule the Greek World and push back the Persian Empire. For this, you need to take control of old warriors and weapons along with building up your resources and skills to achieve the set target.

I played this game because my son wanted a fellow Spartan. Look how much I love playing games. My son got the germs from me. Whenever I need to know about the latest games, I always ask my family’s young guru of games. Even all the PC games updates remain in his hands and each time you ask, he will never say that he does not know.

Sparta: War of Empires is one of the new games for me. I know about puzzles, candy crush, angry birds etc but in fighting games I was only aware of mortal combat (wink). Let me tell you what make me love this game that I spare few hours from my busy schedule just to play it.

kids entertainment-latest games-YesGulf

  1. Browser-Based Game:

Unlike many other combat games available online, you can play this 2D game in any browser. No need to download or to sit in front of your personal computer for too many hours. Certainly Loving Sparta: War of Empires will make you addict.

Search the game online and sign up as it needs the players account and get set go. It is not a place-restricted game and you can play it anywhere. You will just the internet and your smart device. Its features will impressively customize according to screen size of the device you use. This is all because of its brilliantly designed user interface.

The playing style of this game featuring breath-taking war scenes is just incredible that I often feel like living in that era.

  1. Strategic Combat:

The second reason, I love Sparta is that it is actually a strategic combat which helps to enhance players tactical abilities. You can smoothly work with or against your selected nearby players. Moreover, it allows you to make alliances to crush the rival groups.

You can collect and trade the war martial by all possible means so as to expand your territorial control. This diplomatic nature of the game will help you to deal with your real life problems. Yes, I usually take into account the situation from this game to cope unwanted circumstances of my life.

  1. Coalition Missions:

With this game you can easily make your youngster learn the importance of mutual understanding and cooperation to achieve the desired goal.

This is not just a fighting game but the way players asked to give aid to their fellow Spartans will develop a helping nature in your children. They would be more productive if they learn to help others. This will surely make them more committed and serving toward people around them.

  1. Upgradable City-State:

Sparta: War of Empires gives the players privilege to build and manage their own city-state and armies to win over the enemies. Strategic planning will help your child to improve his commanding skills.

While upgrading the city, he will learn great many management tactics.  He will be more confident in dealing with life problems as he will not quit easily. Additional rewards will make him realize the significance of perseverance.

Decent graphics and compelling soundtracks also make this game an awesome addition to the world of online strategy war games. Give it a try and you will love it too.