What Nightclubs Should You Go to This Weekend?

best night clubs in dubai uae

If you are looking to have a great time and relax after working hard throughout the week, there is no better way to go about this than to visit one of the many nightclubs in Dubai. Even if you are not a hard partier, these nightclubs are going to have something fun to offer you for sure so you should definitely look into them to have some fun over the weekend or on any day of the week. The best nightclubs in Dubai are listed below.

Chi@the Lodge

If you are looking for Dubai’s original go to club, you have found it right here! Even though there are a lot of new clubs out there to experience, this club still manages to pull in an enormous crowd thanks to the exciting parties it hosts. If you are not a partier you can just visit this club to rock out at some of the amazing gigs they have, or even just come here for a dinner in a lively atmosphere during any day of the week. Perhaps the most important aspect of this club is how versatile it is!

Chi the Lodge club


There’s no party better than a beach party, that too in Dubai. Nasimi is situated on an artificial beach that was made specifically to house the club, so it can provide a great night out during Dubai’s balmy evenings and help you to enjoy some fun in the water as well. Outdoor parties are always great, especially when you consider the fact that so many of us work in offices all day. Instead of being cooped up indoors like every day, you should go for having some fun outdoors as it can help you enjoy a much more fulfilling evening.

nasimi beach part dubai

Rock Bottom Café

This is the club to go to if you are looking for a less pretentious night out. After all, you don’t need to go for glitz and glamor when you can have something rustic instead! If you have a date for the weekend, going for this club can help you show her that you are a profound person who thinks about more than just partying hard all day long! When it comes to clubs, sometimes it’s better to go for something simpler, something calmer. This is a great option for people trying to branch out into less high octane nightclubs.

Rock Bottom Cafe dubai


This is a great club if you just want to party and nothing else. Every week there is a new DJ, with each new DJ providing a unique and intriguing approach to music. The blasting beats are going to get you dancing for sure, so you should definitely check this place out.

triology night club

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When it comes to nightclubs in Dubai, there is so much variety that you might be a little confused about which one to go for. The list above can help you decide based on each club’s specific ambiance and the type of entertainment it provides.

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