3G Will Be Used To Operate The Traffic Signals In Dubai

3G will be used to operate the traffic signals in Dubai-YesGulf

In Dubai, everything is so modern that it feels good. They are still transforming it into a smart city. Now all the signals of Emirates will be controlled by a wireless system of 3G .408 Traffic lights are already linked with the Dubai Traffic Control Centre using 3G. This technology helped linking up all the signal wirelessly. They have changed all the system in wireless system. All the connections will be fully connected till Monday said by The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This is one of the projects to transform Dubai in a smart city.

Dubai Traffic Control Centre using 3G-YesGulf

All this changing and transforming by replacing cables with wireless network makes new system more reliable and efficient. It is easily maintained. It will make a flow of traffic and will be time and cost effective.

In the near future new signals will be easy to enter in to the system with wireless 3G system. It will cost real low than the one used before. RTA is trying it’s best to make the dream of the government come true, as they want to make this city a smart city.