3 ways we can give back to community

Unique Charity-Easy Charity

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”-Mahatma Gandhi

As we grow up we realize that sometimes life becomes very tough and our candle of hope starts burning low. In such a scenario where our problems seem insurmountable, it is crucial to realize that we must find peace by helping others who are going through worst situation. It will help us realize that our problem is not very big. This will surely help you see your life through different perspective.

Furthermore, when we reach out to people who need our help, it makes us realize many important things. Seeing people struggling hard for one time meal helps us realize that there are far bigger struggles in the world than to get your favorite designer bag. Seeing kids dying because their parents cannot afford their treatment helps us realize that there exists a real pain of loss than the pain of being dumped by your ex. It only helps you be more thankful to the creator and makes you count your blessings once again.

Let’s see 3 different easy charity ideas in which you can give back to the community as it is your ultimate responsibility:

Donate blood:

According to American Journal of Epidemiology blood donors are at 88% lesser risk of suffering from a heart attack. Donating blood is not only healthy but also helps you find out if you are suffering from some health complication. It will help you be notified immediately if anything comes positive in your blood test prior to donating blood. Furthermore, what can be better than saving the life of someone by donating them blood. After all, the good we do comes back to us. So, you never know, you might also be in need tomorrow. Donate blood regularly and save many lives.

Giving Back to the Community

Keep water bottles:

We all can easily manage to keep water bottles with us while travelling in bus, in our car or in rickshaw. In summers, we come across numerous beggars and sometimes even poor animals who are dying of thirst. So, what harm can keeping a bottle of water in your bag can do to you. Immediately take it out and give it to someone who seems in dire need of water to quench their thirst in hotter days of summer. They will end up giving you thousands of blessings in exchange of a simple water bottle which is surely a unique charity idea that needs no money.

Unique Charity-Water Bottle Charity

Do not leave food in your plates:

Whenever we go out to eat, we usually end up ordering more than our capacity which results in large piles of food in our plates. Simply order the waiter to pack the food even if it is few French fries and garlic bread pieces. When you are going back home, you can give it to some beggar on streets, your watch man or a fruit vendor on road side. They might haven’t eaten for many hours and a simple act can save them from starving.

Donate Food-Do not Waste Food

Research suggests that 11.3 % of population of the world is hungry. It is estimated that approximately one third of the food in the world is wasted every year. So, please abstain from wasting food, instead give it to many of those who are starving and every single day we all come across many such people we can feed. So, we must never waste food at any cost.