3 Upcoming Developments in Dubai


Dubai is a flash city that is known to host some of the greatest world’s first projects and this is no doubt the reason why almost every tourist from different parts of the world wants to visit the city at least once in his/her lifetime. Dubai is a city that likes progress and investing in innovation and that is why it is one of the cities of the world that has a comprehensive infrastructure. Dubai is a great city that has everything to offer for people who would wish to go for a family vacation or simply just to visit for sight-seeing there.

In this article we are going to discuss the three leading futuristic upcoming developments in Dubai. Here below are the 3 upcoming developments in Dubai to look out for:

  1. Dubai/Abu Dhabi Hyperloop Contract Has Been Signed

A new project that is going to be the first of its kind in the world is going to open up in Dubai. It is one project that is going to make Dubai’s transport network even better. It is going to be Dubai’s new train service and it has been dubbed the Hyperloop. If things go as planned it may become operational by the year 2021. The company behind the project is called the Hyperloop One.  Hyperloop One and RTA have together signed a deal that will see the two corporations build the world’s first-ever operational Hyperloop. If you are wondering what the Hyperloop is all about, well, then just wait! It is going to be a kind of a high-speed transport system that will be using tube-like capsules adjusted inside a reduced pressure tunnel designed to ferry both passengers and cargo. The transport system will feature record speed times. For instance it is expected that transportation of passengers between Dubai and Abu Dhabi will take less than 20 minutes.

  1. New Mega City on Dubai Border

One of the strongest attractions in Dubai is property, and this city brings some new developments for property investors every year. There is a very big project that is being built on the Dubai border that is expected to carry up to 14,408 homes. The project is being put up at the Dubai border Alghadeer area. At the Abu Dhabi-Dubai border up to 15,000 new homes are being built. This project is being undertaken by Aldar Properties and the company is confident that Alghadeer will become a thriving metropolis. Some of the interesting properties that will be built include townhouses, villas, and mansions that will occupy an area of 1.3 million square meters.

  1. New Robot Parking Lot Inspectors in Dubai

Dubai is not making news about things futuristic and now the country’s RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) is introducing robot parking inspectors. Yes, that’s right robot parking inspectors. This involves artificial intelligence scanners that will be mounted on parking lot vehicles to dish out tickets to motorists who violate parking laws. This is in a move to save the human personnel from the harsh heat that is experienced during the summer season. The automatic system will also help authorities to monitor and enforce payments for parking spaces in the city of Dubai.

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