2018 Activities Report Card

REVIEW - 2018 Activities Report Card


Our Aim is to Help Businesses Make More Business

As we step into 2019 and open our doors to new strategy for our community, we reflect back at 2018 and realize it has been a year of amazing growth. We redefined our community activities in 2018 and expanded its vision towards sustainable business activities. We appreciate the interest and dedication of our community members towards generating healthy referrals for other members as well as for the community itself. We believe 2019 will be yet another year of growth for YesGulf community and our social interactions will gain their momentum on a higher level.

Let’s Connect in 2019 to Make More Business

Here are some amazing reflections from 2018 that have created more interest into YesGulf activities in the UAE. We have shifted our focus towards dense business growth and development. This has resulted in strengthening our relationships with business community in the UAE. With our vision to help entrepreneurs get better recognition inter or cross industry business environment, we have already introduced business focused learning events. These events serve as a platform where different entrepreneur bring their ideas to the limelight, share their vision, their journeys and their discoveries with our community members. Their vision and their journeys allow us to view business from varied angles and understand any strengths that could work for attaining success. Here are several successful entrepreneurs stars who shared bits from their experiences with our community in 2018:

  1. Aiysha Sheikh:

CIPD Certified HR Professional and Founder of AI HR Solutions. She shared her vision as a budding entrepreneur in a highly competitive HR market and helped our community members understand why a personal development plan is crucial to any professional’s growth. She shared the secrets to her success as an employee and her aspirations as an entrepreneur. She is an active member of CIPD, has 25 years of experience in corporate Human Resource development and management with a vision to grow her business in Dubai. She believe digitizing is the way towards sustainability. Here is her profile on linked In where you may contact her: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aiysha-sheikh-chartered-mcipd-14557521/

Our evening with Aiysha Sheikh

DSC9031 400x267 - 2018 Activities Report Card

  1. Dave Crane:

We invited Dave Crane to inspire our community members towards building a personal brand and being unstoppable. Dave is known for great works as a NFNLP hypnotherapist, a life coach, an NLP mast practitioner, a bestselling recording artist and an amazing public personality that has succeed in changing hundreds of lives around him by inspiring people towards positivity and personal development. Bring an award winning motivational speaker, Dave motivated YesGulf members to be their best selves without being pulled down by challenges. His optimism resonated with all of us. Here is Dave on linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davecranedubai/

Dave with us:

Dave crane event 400x300 - 2018 Activities Report Card

  1. Phil Bedford:

We understand business is all about building relationships and it isn’t easy to build those connections that will bring in the boom every entrepreneur dreams of. In order to solve mystery of getting business referrals we engaged with Phil Bedford the business coach from Asentiv. Phil educated our community members with tips for getting more clients strategically. He is a master NLP practitioner, a behavioural analyst, an author, and a wonderful salsa trainer. His inspiring business hacks were useful for all of us. If you want to learn how to market your business for free from Phil Bedford, you may check out his TV show at www.therebelnetworker.com and meet him on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philbedford/

Our evening with Phil

YesGulf 17 Oct 66 400x207 - 2018 Activities Report Card

  1. Dr Hanan Selim:

Nobody hardly expected cancer could be reversed and diabetes could be cured without conventional medicines until we found Dr Hana Selim and she unfolded the secrets to holistic health through natural healing, self-discipline and healthy lifestyle. Positive thinking, understanding your personal needs and your own body’s responses to events in your life are the key factors that might trigger health problems. Our community members learned to retain beast health and sustain an elevated lifestyle through Dr Hanan’s story of personal recovery and development of her brand Healology. She is a YesGulf community member and offers free consultation to all members in our community. You may meet Dr Hanan Selim through her website www.drhananselim.com and on Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drhananselim/

Dr Hanan with us:

29NovEvent 60 400x212 - 2018 Activities Report Card

  1. Simran Samtani:

A large number of business owners struggle with generating sales leads ideas as they have not scaled their businesses efficiently. To address similar issues we engaged with the business coach Simran Samtani, the cofounder and senior partner of Xcel Accounting Dubai. Simran revealed how businesses can understand their profits and losses practically to build a system that will help them generate actual revenue that is not just showing in the yearly report but is enjoyable for the business owners. She brought models of marketing to help scale businesses. Her ideas were fresh, practical and useful for all of us. If you want to know more about Simran Samtani, check out her linked in profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simransamtani/

Simran with us in December 2018

YesGulf 13 Dec 67 400x267 - 2018 Activities Report Card

We have a lot more of business connectivity to come in 2019. We are planning a more refined networking to your benefit and will need you input for effective networking meetups. Feel free to write to us your valuable suggestions at contact@yesgulf.com

We wish you a prosperous year 2019 ahead!


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