2015 Tech Gadgets for your Home

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2015 is being called the year of some extraordinary home tech gadgets. People of today are able to do pretty much anything nowadays by just pressing a few buttons. Inventors are making amazing and extraordinary gadgets that can help to make household tasks easier in an effective manner. Some of the new gadget inventions were showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics and Consumer Technology Trade Show, which will surely dazzle your mind. Here are some of the most exciting, smart and extraordinarily helpful tech gadgets for your home to look out for this year.

Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Today, by the advancements in technology you are able to operate your coffee machine by using your smartphone. All you need to do is sit in your bed and press a button on your smartphone and fresh and hot coffee will be prepared for you immediately. This amazing coffee maker is available on online stores. You can also schedule your time on the coffee machine to make coffee for you at certain times of the day.

2015 home tech gadgets-YesGulf

3D Chocolate Printer

People are not just able to use paper for printers nowadays. Now they can also print everything from printing car parts to chocolate cookies. The 3D systems has recently launched their Coco Jet 3D printer at the Consumer Electronics and Consumer Technology Trade Show of 2015 and it got a great reception from the consumers. Many people will like to get their hands on this printer, as they will be able to print different chocolate shapes.

2015 home tech gadgets-Yesgulf

Pet Cube

If you are looking for a tech gadget that can help you talk, watch and even play with your pet while you are out of the house, Pet Cube can be the perfect option for you. By the help of this amazing tech gadget you will be able to view your pet’s activity and also interact with them from far away.

2015 home tech gadgets-PetCube-Yesgulf

Light Bulb Security System

It is undeniably a clever and smart product, which works as a lightbulb and as an advanced security system. Sengled Snap lightbulbs are equipped with an extraordinary wireless camera, motion sensor, and facial recognition software and microphone. It is going to be available later this year in 2015 for the help of consumers to protect their house from intruders.

2015 home tech gadgets-Light Bulb Security System-YesGulf

Parrot Plant Pot

Parrot Plant Pot-Yesgulf

If you are not very good at taking care of plants, Parrot Plant Pot can be the perfect tech gadget for you. It will help you water your plants, take notes of how much sunlight they require and test the soil. It will also help to figure out exactly how much quantity of water is required for your plant and will send the notification on your smartphone through an app. You can also attach a bottle of water to it and it will water your plant whenever it requires water while you are away effectively.