2015 Lexus LS In Depth Review

2015 Lexus LS- In Depth Review-YesGulf

The full size top quality luxury sedan segment is ruled mostly by the Germans. When you carefully study the market you will find out that the Japanese are also striving hard in making the top class luxury sedan cars for the market. 2015 Lexus LS is a top notch luxury car that is manufactured by the Japanese automobile industry using the extraordinary materials.

Exclusive Features of 2015 Lexus LS Luxury Car-YesGulf

Exclusive Features of 2015 Lexus LS Luxury Car

The Lexus LS has been modified minutely, year after year ever since the inception of the fourth generation model in 2007. The 2015 model is awesome and it signifies the trademark spindle grille. It has a neat hood manufactured using soft outlines and prominent, rising bulge at the middle with L shaped LED’s. That are included in the headlamp and tail light clusters.

If you have experience of driving the Lexus IS, ES or GS, the interior of the LS will be a surprising reminder. That is because nearly every component is in its same place. That doesn’t mean the car lacks in style. Every component is neat and well placed. It is the quality of the material that will make you amazed. Nearly everything in car that is in contact with the driver or passengers is manufactured using leather or wood and there is very little area that is developed using plastic. There is adequate amount of head and leg space for the royalty passengers riding at the back of the car. The seats of the car can be reclined. They can be cooled or heated. There is also an option in the seats to massage the passengers. This car provides plenty of comfortable features to its passengers. It is one of the most amazing automobiles when it comes to luxury cars in UAE.

One of the prominent features in most top end vehicles is the analogue clock that is decorated at the dashboard. The Lexus LS also houses a clock in the dashboard that has a unique feature. It allows to automatically adjust time zones when it passes through different regions. More remarkably, passengers riding at the back of the LS can enjoy the Ottoman pressure massage. They can also watch Blu Ray movies on the nine inch TV screen placed at the rear of the front head rests of the car. It is also considered among the latest new cars in Dubai.

Engine Specifications of 2015 Lexus LS-YesGulf

Engine Specifications

The 2015 Lexus LS accelerates at 386 horsepower and 498 Newton Meter torque by it 4.6 liter V8 engine to reach the top speed of 100km/h in an extremely little time of 5.4 seconds. If you want to try the Hybrid engine then the 5.0 liter V8 engine can develop 438 horsepower of force. It can provide 521 Newton Meter torque from a CVT transmission. That can offer All Wheel Drive layout.

2015 Lexus LS In Depth Review- luxury cars in UAE-YesGulf

Summing Up

With an expensive price tag ranging between several thousand AEDs, one thing is settled that the Lexus LS is not cheap. The car is well worth the price when you consider to evaluate the features like drive and comfort. You can also evaluate the car based on the street credibility it provides. This car is one of the most remarkable automobiles when it comes to speed, performance, luxury and maneuverability. The car has come to redefine standards with its top class manufacturing.