2015 Ducati Scrambler Icon

2015 Ducati Scrambler Icon-YesGulf

The 2015 Ducati is the most the spectacular bike to hit the streets of UAE in 2015.  It is well known for its luxuries riding position and stylish steel tank with its replaceable aluminum side panels. The seat height of Ducati Scrambler is 790mm that is very comfortable for the rider and passenger. The outstanding features include the wide handle bar. There is a headlight with glass lens. The bike is also equipped with LED guide light. The bike is stylized by Dual Sport wheels. The belt covers are in aluminum finishing. The heat guard and the replaceable surroundings of the noteworthy LCD instrument panel improve the design of the bike. The bike is available in two colors. The ’62 Yellow is liked by most of the people. The Ducati Red is also becoming popular. The automotive industry has introduced the bike in the markets.

The wait for 2015 Ducati is ending. The Ducati Scrambler has been launched. It had been concealed from the rest of the world in the yellow container for several months. The officials at Ducati were granted the permission to view the bike in one of the previews. After that the bike was on display for public. This bike has revolutionized the concept of motorcycles. It expresses itself by a top class design that provides a variety of options for the individual motorcyclists. The bike is manufactured in different models so that it can be driven by people who have different demands.

2015 Ducati Scrambler Icon Design-YesGulf


The Ducati Scrambler is a modern bike that purely defines spirit of motorcycling. The bike is built with durable materials. Aluminum is used in the rear swingarm. It is also used in engine covers. The steel of the teardrop tank and frame are developed using the new generation components. They consist of front and rear LED lighting. There are also components used in the bike that consist of LED lighting and LCD instruments.

Extra wide handlebar and a luxurious seat provide a comfortable, relaxed riding position. Less weight and low center of gravity ensures the stability of bike in all in conditions. The tyres are knobby, therefore they provide a top quality road performance.

2015 Ducati Scrambler Icon Versions-YesGulf


The design that is conceptualized by the heritage models of Ducati bike of the 70s is extremely stylish. The scrambler is not a bike from the past. It is a bike that is developed for the people who have a tendency to appreciate the classic bikes. The design of the bike is made to demonstrate how the bike would have been today, if the company didn’t stop making the classic models from 70s. This bike is being marketed by the automotive industry in uae.

The icon version is manufactured in yellow and red. It is manufactured in three models. They are Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic-Enduro. The Enduro model is in wild green color and it is rolled out the factories for the urban streets. The Full Throttle is for the riders who require high speed bikes. The classic is for the people who want to obtain a bike that has 70s design. Additionally, the bike comes with numerous apparel and bike accessories that will be offered in the November. The Scrambler provides a virtually infinite range of stylish personalization and lifestyle options.