2 Famous Stars in Suzi’s Art: Hallyday & Freddie Murcery

painting in the snow - 2 Famous Stars in Suzi's Art: Hallyday & Freddie Murcery

Art is an essential science to express and expand our creativity, emotions, and inspirations. Even people who cannot pull oil canvas can appreciate and understand the beauty of the creation. Generally, the conventional thoughts that come to the mind when we think about the portraits displayed in the exhibition or the art museum, is not just realizing the labeled artist who produced the art instead of its significance what it is trying to convey to the audience.

The world’s first greatest artist is Leonardo Da Vinci, a Renaissance painter known for his iconic works especially the Mona Lisa Painting and the Last Supper. Also, you should not forget about Picasso. Picasso went on from classic realistic themes to play around with several other styles and each one of them was a real masterpiece. Especially the most famous painting, Guernica, inspired by the brutal 1937 bombing of the Basque city of Guernica where many people were massacred and many families were left homeless during the Spanish war.

However, as years progressed, different forms in art and more artists emerged and showcased their excellence in the art industry. If you want to know about Suzi art, then we have got the scoop. There are two famous stars in Suzi’s art, they are Hallyday and Freddie Murcery. This classic work of art was an inspiration for hundreds and thousands of people. These paintings are really soothing that promote the significance of art.

King Hallyday 214x300 - 2 Famous Stars in Suzi's Art: Hallyday & Freddie Murcery

Hallyday Portrait by Suzi Nassif

Although in many instances, it becomes difficult to interpret the underlying meaning behind the drawing, yet these artworks of Suzi reveal the emotions of the painter to a vast extent. The color used echoes her outlook towards society. She was able to give immortal masterpieces with her work. When you have to talk about her first masterpiece “God Save the Queen!” the painting represent the human emotion of patriotism towards their country.

suzi nassif paintings

God Save the Queen by Suzi Nassif

As a matter of fact, the painting was based on the national anthem or the royal anthem in a number of commonwealth games. It is a pure depiction of the people or citizen of the country to save the reigning monarch depending on the gender King/Queen. It is really one of the beautiful art of Suzi Fadel Nassif, a Lebanese born famed contemporary artist whose creative mind spirals to life, the artwork of fascinating agility.

About the artist

Suzi Nassif was a born artist and showcased her talents as an artist at a very young age. Many art lovers were astonished by her paintings. Her works on acrylic painting were amazing and flabbergasted by many well-known artists. Suzi knew very well, how she can play with colors and created many miniature artworks which have made her one of the renowned artists of modern art today. Her work can dazzle the audience with bright and full of life painting works.  Suzi Nassif did not restrict herself only with acrylic paintings rather her work included wide variants of photography, film making, dancing and many more.


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